Eagles’ Employee Looses Job Over Facebook Status

Facebook-128x128Apparently employees for the Eagles cannot voice their opinions about the assanign decisions of the Eagles front office, if they want to keep their jobs.  Talk about feeling like you work for China, yeesh!

Dan Leone, who worked as a part time West Gate Chief, was like the rest of us here in Philly upset about Brian Dawkins going to the Denver Broncos and the Eagles not even offering a decent counter offer to keep him here.  Understandably upset he wrote “Dan is [expletive] devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver … Dam Eagles R Retarted!!”  Apparently both the Inquirer and ESPN are reporting about this.

Kind of stinks for the 6 year employee, doesn’t it?  “I apologized 20 million times. I never bad-mouthed the organization before. I made one mistake and they terminate me? And they couldn’t even bring me into the office to talk to me? They had to do it over the phone? At least look me in the eye. To get done dirty like this, I can’t believe it. I’m devastated.

Likely he deleted it too.  Talk about a heavy handed approach, especially to such a touchy subject. I guess the Eagles front office, marketing and PR teams just really don’t get it.  They are more about control than anything else.

Mr. Leone for what it’s worth, there’s a lot of people who agree with your post.  It’s too bad the Eagles can’t stand a dissenting viewpoint from any of their employees.

Donovan McNabb Loves Philadelphia Fans

Philadelphia-eagles-donovan-mcnabb-after-giants-game-2009Despite what the press might report, it definitely seems like Donovan McNabb has a thick skin.  Why?  Because after all the intense scrutiny and the rounds from the Boo Birdz and McNabb haters, D-Mac still loves the Philadelphia fans.

At least so he say in this interview with the NFL Network.  His remarks are towards the end of the video, but its definitely worth the watch.  I just wish the NFL network let bloggers embed their videos – yeesh, you want people to see them (and your ads) don’t you?

Eagles Bring Down the Giants

Philadelphia-eagles-brent-celek-touchdownI hoped, I said a little prayer, but I was so afraid to just say “the Eagles will beat the Giants on Sunday”.  I was afraid I’d jinx my belief that they would win.  I think with how all those stars aligned, everyone in Philly is superstitious.  From the guys growing beards, to patting my Eagles Snowman that sits on top of my steps, we’re all afraid to utter “The Eagles Will XXXXXXXXX”.

If there ever was a game that showed that the Eagles are a well rounded team, yesterday’s game was it.  The defense of course was the MVP of this game, beyond a shadow of a doubt.  However, for as much as everyone thinks our only weapon on offense is Brian Westbrook, they need to look deeper.  From rookie DeSean Jackson, to Brent Celek, even Donovan McNabb himself, these guys are all weapons that should not be overlooked.  While Westbrook and even Buckhalter were mostly contained in the game yesterday, it was the rest of the team that answered the call when it was needed.  The fact is, while you can prepare for Westbrook, you also need to prepare for the entire team – something apparently the Giants didn’t count on.

And lets talk about that defense.  Just WOW!  First there was that pick by Asante Samuel (that guy’s worth EVERY dollar they spent on him) and then the 3 stands, count them 1, 2, 3 that denied the Giants the 1st down conversion.  That was absolutely amazing.  4th and inches quarterback sneak, 3rd and 3 stop on Brandon Jacobs, and another 4th and inches stop, I’m in total agreement with Andy Reid when he says he’s got “the best Defensive Corrdinator in the league with Jim Johnson (even though he’s like a 100 years old).”  The Eagles Defense is probably the best we’ve seen in this entire tenure under Reid and Johnson, and these guys play with heart and detirmination like no other team in the NFL.

Philadelphia-eagles-brian-dawkinsWatching all the post game stuff I could (I’m a junky on that kind of stuff), I saw an interview with Quintin Mikkel and he stated they (the defense) really want to win it all for Brian Dawkins.  They all rally around him.  Dawkins is the spritirual heart and soul and leader of this team.  Dawkins is just that special of a player and a person that he rallied this team even in its darkest hour to believe in themselves when no one else did.

Dare we dream?  Could it be possible?  Could all the stars be aligned just right?  Is this the “ha in your face McNabb/Reid haters” retribution us believers have been hoping for?

We can’t be cocky enough to think that the next game is just going to be a slam dunk / home run.  The Cardinals the Eagles played on Thanksgiving night, aren’t the same team any more.  For that matter, neither are the Eagles.  The Cardinals though don’t seem to have as many weapons, just two big (rather good) recievers, so the passing game is what our boyz are going to have to defend against.  If they can just keep putting pressure (of course this is what Johnson does best), on Warner, I’m hoping that’ll be enough to silence their offense.

Dare we stop dreaming?  Should we ask them to shave their beards?  Will I stop patting my Eagles Snowman that sits at the top of my stairs?

Eagles Continue To Roll

Philadelphia-eagles-donovan-mcnabb-5The Philadelphia Eagles’ season has been extended another week, and another great performance by Donovan McNabb will help to silence the haters.  There’s no doubt now where Donovan’s going to be playing next year, especially after Jeffery Lurie’s comments to the Boston Globe which he stated he had  “every intention of having him back,” for the 2009 season.  With that said, the first half of the game, I think some were beginning to wonder if Lurie was rethinking those words.

Whatever adjustments were made in the locker room at half time, made the difference.  They locked down Adrian Peterson and contained the one true weapon on the Vikings offense.  As “The Gov” pointed out on Comcast Sportsnet’s Post Game Live, if you take away that 41 yard running touchdown, the Eagles kept Adrian Peterson at just over 2 yards a carry.  In the second half the entire Eagles Defense locked Peterson down entirely, and attacked Jackson constantly.

The offense was also much more in tune in the 2nd half.  Finding the right sync, chewing up the clock and everyone working as a team, including Buckhalter filling in for the injured Fullback Dan Klecko who made an amazing block to free up Westbrook to score on that screen pass.  I’d wondered what happened to him, especially after he made the amazing break in first half, he explained to Derrick Gunn after the game on Post Game Live what happened.

The defensive as much as the offense was responsible for yesterday’s win, and that folks is Teamwork (something Dallas apparently lacks).

For the entire game Donovan had over 300 yards, one of his best games on record.  If you look at Donovan’s entire season, he’s actually had a good season despite the Baltimore game.  Some are saying that the benching during that game is what “kicked D-Mac into action”.  To be honest, I don’t think it did.  I think D-Mac just had a bad game.  Lets face it we all have bad games, only difference is, ours are more private, Donovan’s are on national television.

Loosing Donovan McNabb would hurt the Eagles more than help.  Seriously, Kolb is not ready in any shape or form.  The Eagles loose McNabb, we won’t see another playoff run for quite a few years.  If it isn’t Kolb, who’s going to come to the Eagles to lead them?  I highly doubt we’d see another quarterback come here the caliber of McNabb.

So lets roll on into the Meadowlands and cheer our birdz onto a repeat performance of the last game against the Giants, and stop all the talk about D-Mac leaving the Eagles.  I think Lurie’s comments speak volumes, as well as Westbrook’s and Dawkins’ to the press after the game.  I’m hoping Donovan has a longer career here with us, of course I’m not a McNabb hater.

Eagles Trounce Dallas to Roll Into Playoffs

Tonight though, I just felt that “it was time”.  This game, was like Christmas morning when I was a kid.  What a beautiful Christmas Gift!  Thank you Donovan McNabb, Brian Dawkins, Corell Buckhalter, Quintin Michaels, heck the entire team!

Last night talk in the bar I hang out, was that our season was pretty much done, the best thing we could wish for was for us to beat Dallas – like we always do.  Never did we expect the stars to align and then have our boys hold their destiny in their hands.  I think a great thank you needs to go out to Houston and to Oakland, too.

I’m not one to quote the egomanical idiot (Terrell Owens) too often but “They just handed us an old fashion butt whoopin'”…. “It’s really a shameful way to end it..”  *Squee*

I’ve been an avid supporter of McNabb, not so much of Reid.  I just don’t get why he doesn’t see that we need the balance of running and passing, just befuddled me all damn season.  Look at the last 4 games… 3 of the 4 we had balanced games, the one game there was no running balance, we lost.  How much more clear can it be?  I just really wish McNabb would look beyond the “Boo Birds”, he was voted the best quarterback – more votes than any other quarterback – for the “All Time” team last year, I sure hope he looks at that.  All this talk of McNabb leaving Philly ….. should just stop.

Tony Romo Flubs Field GoalSo what about the “golden boy” Romo?  The guy they spent what 8 million a year on?  Third year in a row now, Romo’s flubbed up the Cowboys in the playoffs!  Remember the Seattle vs. Cowboys flub (pictured here on the right), this game ranks right up there with that.  It’s probably sweeter, cuz our Birds were the ones handing down this flubbed opportunity this time.

Will Romo still be Ownens’ “Boy”?  He said in his press time after the game, he told Romo he would be and said he’d still shed tears for him.  Do I believe that, Hell No!  In a month or two he’s going to be calling for Wade Phillips’ and Romo’s heads.

Now we’re on the way to the playoffs, it’s just another game, but is it?  Well, we are playing the Vikings, and our old Offensive Coordinator Brad Childress.  Rule the Eagles out?  Don’t think I will, at all!

The Philly Soul are the 2008 Arena Football Champions!

Jon Bon Jovi, part owner of the Philadelphia Soul holds the Arena Bowl Championship TrophyPhilly’s got a championship team.  That’s right, hopefully there will be a ticker tape parade down Broad Street sometime this week.  Why?  Well Jon Bon Jovi and Ron Jaworski owned Philadlephia Soul have defeated the San Jose SaberCats in the Arena Bowl today, 59 – 56.

Now if that doesn’t amp up the boys in silver and green, to do the same in the NFL, by bringing home the SuperBowl trophy, I don’t know what else will.

It was a little bit of a nail biter at the end.  At the beginning of the 3rd quarter of the Arena Bowl, the Philadelphia Soul were up by 19, but the San Jose SaberCats ate away at that lead until the very end when the onside kick was recovered by Rod Davis.  That secured the championship win for the Philly Soul.

I wrote a little bit about it on PhillySoulChick.com, including what Ron Jaworski and Jon Bon Jovi did to create such a great team, so check it out.  Now if only Jeffrey Lurie could emulate that for our Eagles.

The Eagles Can Open Their Wallet for WestBrook…But Will They

Brian Westbrook warms up for  Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp Practice$19 Million!  Yep, I said $19 million, that’s how much wiggle room the Philadelphia Eagles have with the salary cap, according to the Eagles Salary Cap Tracking Site, EaglesCap.com.  How many businesses would love to have $19 million in extra cash for their budgets?  I have no doubt a lot of companies would love to have that kind of wiggle room.

This all goes back to the last post here on EaglesChick, that I wrote about Eagle’s Running Back Brian Westbrook, looking to renegotiate his contract.  The guy deserves better money.  This guy deserves LaDainian Tomlinson-type money.  Westbrook, is the Eagles offense.  Westbrook, is the most valuable player the Eagles have, period.

Brian Westbrook pursued by the media as he leave Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp for the dayWith $19 million in wiggle room (which does currently include all the money in Westbrook’s current contract), there’s more than enough to pay this player what he’s worth.  The guy is top notch, and he’s top class.  He showed up for Training Camp and didn’t hold out.  He’s not held press conference on his lawn, like Terrel Owens did.  The guy hasn’t spoken badly of his teammates or his coach.  This is the type of player that teams dream their entire team of was made up of.

The Eagles’ front office is notorious for being a tightwad.  However, they have said Westbrook is severely undervalued.  At least we as Iggles fans should be relieved that they recognize this.  Hopefully they will also recognize that Westbrook is a fan favorite, because of his honest, and forthright personality as well as his ability to play the way he does even though injuries.  The fans, love Westbrook.

It’s about time that the front office opens that wallet and lets the moths out.  Time to give Westbrook the money he deserves, and be thankful that Westbrook didn’t choose Drew “Give Me More Money” Rosenhaus as his agent and has Todd France instead.

*photos from philadelphiaeagles.com

Lito Sheppard Hires Drew Rosenhaus

Drew 'Give Me More Money' Rosenhaus with Terrell OwensThe guys over at EagleTrain are reporting that Lito Sheppard’s hired Drew“Give Me More Money” Rosenhaus.  Remember him from those agonizing last months of Terrell Owens’ days as an Eagle?  Dear lord, what is Lito thinking?

I liked Lito, thought he was a decent guy, but seriously, hiring Rosenhaus makes me think differently.  Sheppard’s come off a season with a lot of injuries too, and the Eagles (wisely) acquired Asante Samuel, who’s got the only guaranteed starting spot.  What is Lito really expecting here?

I know I’m cringing, last time there was talk of Rosenhaus, we here in Philly were subjected to press conferences on the lawn and a circus.  Personally I want to see guys playing football, not that nonsense.

Regardless, at least Rosenhause does seem to be putting to rest those rumors that Lito was going to hold out on Eagles Training camp.  I just hope that’s true.  That’s one of the last things the Eagles need to deal with, the press contingent that is at Rosehaus’ beck and call.